Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Welcome to the Shasta Trinity Ashram internet site.

“Shasta Trinity Ashram members are consciously advancing in the reclamation and restoration of humanity’s spiritual inheritance.”

The Shasta Trinity Ashram is working to establish a center of learning where intellectual and spiritual development go hand inAshram LogoAshram Symbol hand, where a new science will be taught, based upon true knowledge of the fundamental laws of the Universe, and where at the same time students will be taught how to obtain mastery over themselves in preparation for service to humanity.

Through the activities of the Ashram its students will become instruments for service through the inspiration, incubation, illumination, and implementation of solution-oriented approaches to resolving the challenges facing humanity and our planet as a whole.

It is the sole intent of the Shasta Trinity Ashram to dedicate our lives to the service to humanity. The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity from a point of love. As an aspect of this focused intent we embrace the following quote,

"Let Reality govern my every thought and truth be the Master of my life."

The Will-to- Good as expressed through the Love of the One Whom we live and move and have our being. The words are simple, when expressed with love it becomes Goodwill. With clear intention, we can help bring great blessings to mankind.

A Love of Truth—essential for a just, inclusive and progressive society;

A Sense of Justice—recognition of the rights and needs, of all.

Spirit of Cooperation—based on active goodwill and the principle of right human relationships;

A Sense of Personal Responsibility—for group, community and national affairs;

Serving the Common Good—through the sacrifice of selfishness. Only what is good for all is good for each one.

These are spiritual values, inspiring the conscience and the consciousness of those who serve to create a better way of life.